City Collection

Functional, tailored, hassle-free styles that adapt to the busy lives of the multitasking millennial

With the rise of the Millennial and the rapidly growing freelance and small business workforce, the City Collection allows freedom of expression and relaxed dressing to eclipse the passé power suit. Extending professional style beyond the corporate dress code in a feminine, fun, and truly functional way, this collection offers a high level of comfort without sacrificing sophistication. Draped and patterned to enable freedom of movement, providing a polished look, and designed to celebrate real women who make their lives and their styles their own, that’s the City Collection.


I've always struggled finding clothes that fit right. Given my petite frame, most dresses are too long, swallow my frame, and make me look and feel like a teenager. I was in search of some new additions to my wardrobe and wanted to support a local designer.

That's when I discovered Nicole Lenzen. Nicole's pieces were so perfect! The first thing I thought of when I tried on the Erin dress was 'confidence.' Her styles are feminine and perfect for day to night wear, and there is something to be said for a piece that fits so well.

Nicole also suggested I try the Sydney jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are a little out of my comfort zone, partly because I thought I could never pull them off, but she was right. Every time I've worn my Sydney jumpsuit, I feel so empowered #likeaboss!

- Tiffany Yu, Social Entrepreneur


Editorial campaign and lookbook

To fully channel the modern professional woman, we selected the gorgeous, natural-light filled Manhattan showroom of contemporary, modular office furniture company AllSteel as the location for our editorial photoshoot. Photographer Sara Melotti expertly captured a delicious mix of armor and vulnerability: that balance of femininity and force that the City Collection imbues.

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