Bridal Collection

Modern, minimal, non-conventional styles that evoke the femme fatale with a delicate touch

Offering a fresh take on bridal, the Nicole Lenzen collection of wedding gowns blends traditional fabrics of silk and lace with modern textiles such as denim made from organic cotton. Designed for the confident, practical, stylish bride, the easy-to-wear silhouettes encourage more fun and less fuss. The contemporary collection of unique, made-to-order styles in high quality fabric and construction was created as a more accessible alternative to a fully custom Nicole Lenzen haute couture gown.


Editorial campaign and lookbook

For our collection lookbook we collaborated with portrait and architectural photographer Ray Tam to capture the simple elegance, attention to detail, and wearability of the styles. We were also fortunate to work with other talented folks on our editorial shoots, including wedding photographer Silvana di Franco, with whom we did a throwback experiment in good ol' traditional black & white 35mm film. 

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