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1:1 coaching and advising for leaders and entrepreneurs on the rise


The Broad

I offer leadership coaching to support you as you grow into a more strategic role, begin managing a team, or launch your own venture

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Enabling you to create and put into practice your own effective and conscious leadership style

Develop strategic thinking 
Build managerial expertise
Improve executive presence
Enhance collaboration
Thrive in your role

Growing & Adapting: You've Got This!

Whether working in corporate, start-up, non-profit, or academia, I help you build comfort and confidence in your ability to lead people, projects, and companies. We develop new skills, mindsets, and ways of being to support you in your new role and responsibilities.

I can also offer a more advisory lens when it comes to product, innovation, design, and business strategy. 

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Individual coaching takes place every other week, over 3-4 months, or on an ongoing basis. In between sessions, you engage with practices and self-reflections and directly apply new techniques to situations you are facing in your work.


Our leadership coaching work is customized to you, but may include support in the following:

  • Defining your values and team culture

  • Developing your personal leadership style

  • Navigating and bringing clarity to ambiguity

  • Strengthening communication and public speaking skills

  • Investigating soft power and building influence

  • Identifying your inner critic, amplifying strengths, and increasing confidence

  • Establishing positive ways of working and setting your team up for success

  • Thought-partnering on specific issues you are facing

When we listen to ourselves instead of society, the rules begin to shift for everyone.


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