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Organizational culture, experiental learning, and community

When people come together and we reveal our true humanity, magic is created (and we can productively get things done!). These are the forces behind my work as a facilitator—whether guiding folks to align on a shared purpose, teaching new ways to collaborate, lining up inspiring speakers, or cooking up a shared meal in nature.

As an event designer, facilitator, and producer, I strive to memorably engage attendees, create tasteful and harmonious spaces, and nurture lasting communities.


What an engaging and inspiring weekend I spent with sustainable fashion innovators. This is one of the best conferences I've ever been to!

Nicole and team lined up thought-provoking speakers and balanced the day with energizing activities that broke down barriers and fostered meaningful connections.

- Joellen Nicholson, Social Entrepreneur

Areas of Focus


Organizational Culture

Workshops and retreats fueled by human-centered tools and techniques that shift mindsets, build trust, and drive equity and inclusion.

Need a stand-in leader comfortable navigating ambiguity with innovation and product development expertise?

Experiential Learning

Design thinking, product innovation, and leadership skill development through discovery, practice, and iteration

Want to enable growth that's personal, practical, and directly applicable to the day-to-day?



Workshops, retreats, conferences, dinner parties, and other gatherings with a collective interest and spark of activism.

Need help organizing an event that feels fresh, creates meaningful connections, and motivates people to make an impact?



Pioneer Mode Conference

The Future of Fashion

Pioneer Mode was a two-day conference in NYC to uncover potential business solutions to the social, environmental, and organizational issues plaguing the fashion industry.

We brought together a like-minded community and empowered them with actionable knowledge, new skills and vocabulary, and the relationships to help support and cultivate systems of change.

Impact deep-dive at cocokind offsite

cocokind is an organic skincare company, founded to change the status quo of the beauty industry and break the cycle of “aspirational beauty.” cocokind is committed to providing clean and conscious products accessible to all. For their year-end retreat, we facilitated design thinking workshops on the theme of impact, enabling meaningful intersections of cross-departmental collaboration and the freeing power of collective ideation.

We used an inclusive, creative process that embodied cocokind’s internal mission to provide tools for team members to stay happy, productive, and growing. The fun, interactive sessions surfaced tangible ideas and strategies to guide cocokind’s conversations throughout the offsite and their extended roadmap.


Girls Who Code Today Become Women in Power Tomorrow

For the Girls Who Code summer immersion program, I organized a day-in-the life field trip for 20 Los Angeles area high school girls at the Boston Consulting Group Digital Ventures (BCGDV) headquarters to learn about various career paths in the digital innovation space.

Throughout the day, participants took a tour of the office, saw presentations on what each cohort does, had an informal Q&A with women in leadership, and participated in a design thinking workshop to help ideate products that help girls figure out “what they want to be when they grow up.”

WIN.NYC Brunch Symposium


The Women's Information Network of New York (WIN.NYC) is a community of pro-choice, democratic women living and working in New York City that offers opportunities for emerging leaders through online and in-person events.

For the twice annual symposium series, I hosted a brunch with workshops and an intimate discussion that supported WIN members in harnessing their unique personas and talents that give truth to how they show up in the world.


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