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Parental Leave Coaching

Supporting working parents + their managers before, during, and after parental leave 

Parental leave coaching helps working parents and their companies navigate the parental leave transition to ensure a smooth and supportive process, from preparation and planning, to taking leave, through returning to work. With my clients, we seek to amplify and optimize for attributes that positively impact this transition, and strengthen or mitigate liabilities that have the opposite potential. We incorporate flexibility and adaptability, recognizing that things change and not everything goes as planned, especially when it comes to childbirth and new babies.

I work with the whole person in order to consider professional and personal life holistically, moving away from siloed thinking about these aspects of ourselves. Our coaching may include tactical planning, emotional support, somatic awareness, mindfulness practices, breaking down complexity, strategic thinking, leadership development, and much more.

The 3-phase parental leave coaching program includes
  • Comprehensive support covering preparing for leave, during leave, and returning from leave
  • Individual virtual coaching sessions: ~12/parent and ~5/manager, over 9-12 months (depending on length of leave)
  • The Parental Leave Transition Assessment (PLTA)™ to identify focus areas
  • Personalized coaching based on individual needs and circumstances
  • A guided process with tools, activities, and resources
  • An accompanying online learning experience for both parents and managers (optional)
Benefits for parents
  • Guidance for the transition into new parenthood or expanding their existing family
  • Clear action plans and contingency considerations
  • An integrated focus across all aspects of work, life, and wellbeing
  • A renewed look at values, goals, and priorities in consideration of identity shifts
  • A support network to navigate challenges
  • The sense of being valued, appreciated, and respected
Benefits for managers, teams, and employers
  • Improved interpersonal dynamics and communication through leadership development 
  • Established guidelines for all parties to follow
  • A shared roadmap that minimizes disruption and maintains productivity
  • Improved employee engagement and retention
  • Increased diversity and equity
  • Enhanced talent attraction through a successful parental leave support model
If you're an expecting working parent or an employer seeking to offer parent leave coaching as an employee benefit, book a free intro call or email me to learn more about the program and how we can work together

Being super easy to talk to and very flexible in her responses, Nicole offered great advice and helped me uncover aspects of new parenthood that I might have overlooked. It was super helpful to zoom out and make sure I considered all facets of my life, how they'd change, and how I could prepare for the transition.

I received some great tools to help me think about what support I will need in my life before, during, and after my leave, including both professional and personal issues. She helped me create clear plans for handling certain situations that should be helpful when the time comes.

- Jane, Art & Production Manager: Parental Leave Coaching Client

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Leadership Coaching

For leaders and entrepreneurs on the rise

I offer leadership coaching to support you as you expand into more strategic and managerial roles or launch your own venture. Whether in corporate, start-up, non-profit, or academia, I help you break down assumptions, build comfort in the unknown, bring your special sauce, integrate compassion, and thrive in your new position. I can also offer a more consultative lens when it comes to product, innovation, design, and business strategy. 

Our leadership coaching work is customized to you, but may include support in the following
  • Defining your values and developing your personal leadership style
  • Navigating and bringing clarity to ambiguity 
  • Strengthening communication and building influence 
  • Identifying your inner critic, amplifying strengths, and increasing confidence
  • Establishing positive ways of working and setting your team up for success
  • Thought-partnering on specific situations you are facing

Individual coaching takes place over virtual sessions every other week, over 3-6 months, or on an ongoing basis. In between sessions, clients engage with practices and self-reflections, and directly apply new techniques to situations you are facing in your work. 

To learn more about the process and see if there’s a mutual fit, book a free call or email me

My coaching journey was a discovery: I discovered myself, and tools to move forward in my life. I learned to connect with myself, receive and give with an open heart, and find happiness  within me.

Her coaching is like shining the light on the path where I have to go, with awareness of what I will have to encounter and how to navigate and survive during turmoil.

- KS, DMD: Holistic Coaching Client

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Holistic Coaching

Discovering and living the full expression of who you are

I work with my coaching clients holistically, in order to integrate all parts of yourselves (head, heart, and body) and bring out your full potential. We focus on developing competencies that enable outcomes-based growth and development.

Holistic coaching is designed to meet you where you are in life, and is applicable to most anything you might be facing, whether it’s work, health, relationship, or otherwise. Perhaps you are navigating a reproductive health journey, adapting to life with a chronic illness, taking on the role of primary or sole caregiver, considering a career change, or just want to put down the pretenses. 

Our holistic coaching work is customized to you, but may include support in the following:
  • Clarifying your beliefs and values and aligning actions with purpose

  • Cultivating a stronger sense of identity and belonging

  • Accessing and trusting your intuition and inner wisdom

  • Connecting to sources of personal renewal

  • Building self-compassion and awareness of inherent worth

  • Navigating difficult conversations more skillfully  

  • Strengthening connection in relationships

Individual coaching takes place over ten virtual sessions, every other week over 5-6 months. In between sessions, clients engage with practices and self-reflections to encourage and observe positive shifts in your lives.

To learn more about the process and see if there’s a mutual fit, book a free call or email me

Nicole is remarkably thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging. She has helped me open up increasingly to myself and others.

More than the therapists I have worked with in the past, she remembers what I have communicated and makes important connections—even between conversations that have happened many months apart.

Nicole helps me feel seen, understood, and valued. She can and will help you!

- Michael, Ph.D., Professor: Holistic Coaching Client


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