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Supporting clients create their own paths, access their full potential, and successfully transition into working parenthood, leadership, mid-career shifts, and entrepreneurship

Parental Transition & Leave Coaching


1:1 personalized support before, during, and after parental leave to successfully navigate the major life, work, and identity transition of becoming a working parent.

(Group coaching coming soon!)


Being super easy to talk to and very flexible in her responses, Nicole offered great advice and helped me uncover aspects of new parenthood that I might have overlooked. It was super helpful to zoom out and make sure I considered all facets of my life, how they'd change, and how I could prepare for the transition.

I received some great tools to help me think about what support I will need in my life before, during, and after my leave, including both professional and personal issues. She helped me create clear plans for handling certain situations that should be helpful when the time comes.

- Jane H: Parental Leave Coaching Client

Integral Coaching: Life & Career


Jeppe Hein: You Are Perfect As You Are

For individuals: discovering and living the full expression of who you are

1:1 coaching and personal development applicable to life, career, relationships, and anywhere you seek to grow. We work to integrate all parts of you (head, heart, and body) and bring out your full potential.

My coaching journey was a discovery: I discovered myself, and tools to move forward in my life. I learned to connect with myself, receive and give with an open heart, and find happiness within me. Nicole's coaching is like shining the light on the path where I have to go, with awareness of what I will have to encounter and how to navigate and survive during turmoil.

- KS, DMD: Integral Coaching Client

Leadership Coaching


1:1 coaching and advising to support expanding into more strategic and managerial roles or launching your own venture, whether in corporate, start-up, non-profit, or academia.

Nicole is remarkably thoughtful, insightful, and encouraging. She has helped me open up increasingly to myself and others. More than the therapists I have worked with in the past, she remembers what I have communicated and makes important connections—even between conversations that have happened many months apart. Nicole helps me feel seen, understood, and valued. She can and will help you!

- Michael, Ph.D., Professor: Integral Coaching Client






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