Candy Collection

Fun, feminine, flirty styles inspired by swing dancing and tailored for movement

Conjuring up the whimsical world of pastel-colored candies and the playful airiness of bubble gum and cotton candy, the Candy Collection moves with you. In Lindy Hop, the signature dance move is called the swing-out. It’s an opportunity for the female to reveal herself in a full range of expression and let go. Uniquely swinging out, feeling confident, looking modern, being timeless, that’s the Candy Collection.


Inspiration in Lindy Hop

After being unable to find stylish dresses that were also tailored for movement, I started to create my own. My designs gained much attention when I started wearing them to swing dance events. Soon the beauty through movement I witnessed from the women dancing around me fueled the creation of new designs, and hence the birth of the Nicole Lenzen New York collection.

Editorial campaign and lookbook

Drawing style inspiration from the 1950s, the Candy Collection truly represents the modern interpretation of a timeless era. The feminine, flattering silhouettes and high quality, long-lasting fabrics provide a perfect balance between tradition and a modern way-of-life. The attention to the perfect fit enables women across a variety of body types to look beautiful, and feel confident and unique in what they wear.

We collaborated with internationally renowned dancer Evita Arce to model the femininity and freedom of movement of the styles. The sweet and nostalgic Farmacy soda fountain in Brooklyn served as the ideal backdrop for our editorial campaign, shot by Ned & Aya Rosen.


When I wear Nicole Lenzen dresses I feel smart, beautiful and flirty. Each dress I own has movement in the lay of the fabric which lets me breathe. At the same time, each piece is drawn by such complimentary lines that fit my waist and provide a look of clean structure.

Nicole’s collection has the perfect pieces that a woman would choose to wear all day, that carry her, support her through everything she encounters. The style, the design, is that of powerful, feminine elegance, which provides strength but still feels buoyant and happy.

- Evita Arce, Professional Dancer

Lindy Focus XI

Lindy Focus is one of the largest and most anticipated annual swing dance and music festivals. The event brings together amazing talent and energy from around the globe for a full week of dancing, music, performance, teaching, learning, and sharing.

To debut my fashion line, I directed and produced the first Lindy Focus fashion show, showcasing the Candy Collection modeled by a lineup of international superstar dancers. The audience went wild for the show! To provide attendees the opportunity to shop pieces seen on stage, we ran a pop-up sales booth throughout the event.


Our dresses were featured in Women's Wear Daily as well as NOTCOT's fashion and design inspiration site NOTCOUTURE.

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