Hi there

I’m Nicole Lenzen, a coach, facilitator, consultant, and mother. 

I support women through transformative change, guide groups via collaborative processes, and advise clients on strategic problem solving. 

Through my diverse experiences in innovation, product development, and entrepreneurship, I have spent my career building products, businesses, and communities. I’m also a single mom by choice, raising a curious young adventurer.

My default mode for navigating the world has been strength and resilience, which has allowed me to take risks and challenge the status quo, but often at a cost—both to my well-being and the full expression of my identity. 

I’m now approaching my life and work in a more integrated way—cultivating compassion and spaciousness, and thus expanding the meaning of the word bravery for myself and those around me.

Let’s work together to traverse the unknown, forge undefined pathways, and catalyze positive impact.