Exploring impact with cocokind

Clean, conscious, accessible skincare

Collaborative workshops onsite at cocokind HQ as part of the company's year-end retreat

For cocokind's year-end restreat, they were interested in exploring what impact meant for the company. We facilitated the entire corporate staff through design thinking workshops on the theme of impact, that enabled meaningful intersections of cross-departmental collaboration and the freeing power of collective ideation. We used an inclusive, creative process that embodied cocokind’s internal mission on providing tools for team members to stay happy, productive, and growing. The fun, interactive sessions surfaced tangible ideas and strategies to guide cocokind’s conversations throughout the retreat and their extended roadmap.


Intro to impact and the current state

To kick off the day, we did some warmup exercises, and established ground rules for creating and maintaining a space of exploration, for individuals and the group. We aligned on the goals of the workshops and the focus on impact and what that meant for cocokind:

  • What does it mean to do conscious business?
  • What does it mean to have impact? What is cocokind's impact philosophy?
  • What are all the ways cocokind has impact today and where can they have focus on having a greater impact in the future?

We then investigated the current state of impact for cocokind by deep diving into what people say about cocokind (both the fans and critics), and created a map of all the key stakeholders. Teams identified stakeholder needs and areas of opportunity to provide more positive impact moving forward.


Beautiful Monsters

Before moving from the current state pain points to imagining the blue-sky future state, we led a drawing energizer, which allowed participants to let go of any creative inhibitions, and collaborate across disciplines for surprising and fun results.



We shared a few of our favorite impact case studies from various industries to spark additional ways of thinking about the topic.



Utilizing themes that emerged from the stakeholder mapping exercise to craft ideation prompts, we facilitated the teams through concept generation using a wild ideas contest to encourage big thinking. The teams then voted on and prioritized the concepts to further develop in the workshops (saving the rest for future exploration).

Concept Storytelling

Once the teams narrowed down and identified their favorite concepts, they used storytelling techniques to bring their ideas to life and demonstrate cocokind impact for its stakeholders.

Visioning the future of impact for cocokind

We closed out the day with an activity to describe cocokind's future vision of impact, incorporating the overarching themes that emerged throughout the workshops.