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Voon’s Vault: Manhattan & Brooklyn Vintage Store Must-Visits From the Master


A classic vintage store scene // Photo cred: ashton/Flickr

We love vintage for so many reasons. Vintage clothes typically have superior garment construction compared to today's throwaway fast fashion. Even if slight alterations or mending are required, the original sewing techniques will likely stand the test of time. Finding unique statement pieces is also easier in vintage or thrift stores than within ubiquitous global chains. Plus, who doesn't love to add a touch of class and glamour from eras past into their day-to-day?

We realize, however, that vintage shopping can be intimidating for many folks. Just because something is vintage doesn't mean you'll be reaping in the compliments day in and day out. If you've ever been vintage shopping, you know that it can take some work. Digging through musty bins of satchels after spending a good amount of elbow effort sliding through groaning racks of dresses isn't everyone's idea of a good Saturday out.

To help facilitate your next vintage jaunt, we've tapped into the resources of our fabulously stylish friend Voon. He's an absolute vintage pro, and was nice enough to share a list of his haunts with us. Read on to discover some of NYC's best vintage stores and start planning your next outing while the weather's ideal.


Housing Works

157 East 23rd St

There are a number of locations around the city—Soho, the East Village, Chelsea—but Voon recommends hitting up the one in Chelsea.

City Opera Thrift Shop

222 E 23rd St

From designer names to quirky finds, City Opera Thrift Shop is the place to go when you're taking in the Gramercy sights.

Cure Thrift

111 E 12th Street

This two-level store also has knick-knacks scattering its space—perfect for giving your eyes a quick break from the racks and stacks.


Old hats in new scenery // Photo cred: Steven Depolo/Flickr


101 Thompson St

If you're looking to drop a little more dough on some high-end names, this Soho vintage stop is your spot. Ina is known to stock brands like Lanvin, Hermes, Gucci, and Christian Louboutin.

GVC / Glasgow Vintage Co.

31 East 9th Street

This British brand just recently planted some roots in NYC, continuing on their success in selling vintage and retro duds for women, men, and children.


Junk Brooklyn

567 Driggs

This moderately priced haven is hard to come by in an area where vintage shops have been popping up like greasy pizza joints. If you're looking for more than clothes, make the trip.

10 Ft. Single by Stella Dallas

285 N 6th

Trendy is the only word to describe this spacious hotspot. You'll never be scouring racks alone, and their shoe collection leaves little to be desired. Make sure to check their accessories in the front—they're easy to overlook among the overwhelming amount of clothes and purses on display.


Silk and lace // Photo cred: Stars & Splendid Antique Malls/Flickr

Fox and Fawn

570 Manhattan Avenue

Everything's arranged by color in the Greenpoint shop. Fox and Fawn is accessible to all budgets, and is constantly rotating their merchandise—which is half the battle in deciding which vintage spot to visit.

People of 2morrow

65 Franklin Street

Almost as notable as the fantastic basics this store has to offer is their ability to style each piece via their Instagram feed (which is where you can also have the chance to buy their pieces if you aren't in the area). The clothing may not be as old at People of 2morrow as at other stores, but it's worth a mention if you're looking for affordable classics to build your wardrobe.

Beacon's Closet

74 Guernsey St

It might have a place on every vintage shop list, but they've worked hard to get there. There are multiple locations around NYC, but the Greenpoint shop is the re-located flagship store—that means more product with the prestige of being "the original."

The original list was posted on the Frankie100 website. We made some slight edits as directed by Voon, and added a couple of our faves. Look out for more vintage tips in future posts!

Published by: Nicole Lenzen in NYC Insider

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