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An Evening of Sustainable Fashion

by Nicolette Hayes

Last week I had the privilege of joining Nicole Lenzen in a beautiful SOHO loft for the monthly meeting of WISE, Women Investing for a Sustainable Economy. These talented and passionate women regularly meet not just to eat wonderful food and talk to like-minded people, but also to enrich their lives with lectures and discussions on diverse topics relating to sustainability in their everyday lives. When Nicole agreed to speak she didn't just sign up for delicious kale and a clothing swap, but also the chance to share styling tips, alterations advice, and general information about the Slow Fashion movement in New York City.

Lovely loft on Greene Street for the meeting of WISE

The evening began with some simple styling for Katie, one of the co-founders of WISE, and advice about how to make an ill-fitting but beloved vintage top into a more wearable part of her wardrobe.

Nicole looks over the items that Katie brought for the clothing swap

Katie_alterations_Nicole helps Katie with a vintage top that needs some alterations

Katie and Nicole discuss the perfect fit

While it can be tempting to simply toss something that doesn't look good, the problem often lies in the fit and not the style. Nicole demonstrated how modifying a garment can transform it into something personal and flattering--a much more sustainable alternative than throwing it out and buying new.

GroupNicole addresses the group about sustainability in fashion

Katie was one of the many women present who wanted to learn more about incorporating Slow Fashion into their professional attire. Nicole described to them how buying vintage and supporting locally-based eco-conscious designers could not only positively impact the environment, but also make for longer-lasting, higher quality additions to their closets.

nicole_slidesNicole runs through some slides with tips on styling and shopping

Nicole showed examples of how the office place uniform of suits and blazers can be transformed into something more stylish with the simple addition of the right accessory, accent piece, or silhouette. She also shared dozens of local designers who make sustainable clothing that is professional, unique, and fashion-forward.

The handout Nicole made available to the attendees

The evening ended with a clothing swap--yet another way to engage in sustainable fashion that doesn't feed the corporate production machine--with everyone looking at each others' discarded items with a fresh eye.

swap_clothes A multitude of categories were available for the clothing swap

swap_roomThe loft transformed into a fashion haven

Nicole also shared some of the new additions to her own line that are both ecologically responsible and empowering professional wear for the woman who cares about her clothing.

NLrackNicole Lenzen dresses for sale alongside the clothing swap options

Shop responsibly everyone! The evening didn't just teach me about the importance of transparency and sustainability in the fashion industry, but also about how essential it is to invest in items that make you feel good. Thanks to Lily and Katie for organizing the event and inviting us to participate!

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