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Tips & Tricks: The Best Ways to Remove Stains

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\There's nothing worse than slipping into your favorite dress and realizing there's a stain front-and-center, taking away from that head-turning look you were going for ten seconds earlier. Maybe we just like to be the bearer of good news, but we've got a few tips for that predicament. While it's always better to catch a stain as it happens or soon after, there are still things you can do once it's had more time to set. Nicole shares some of her tips for saving your clothes before a stain totally sets in.

"This is an essential thing you have to do: Treat it immediately. I think this is where a lot of people fall short. If you're at the dinner table and you just don't feel like dealing with it until later—you have to remove it as soon as you possibly can. You may not be able to get everything out, but if you can lift off some of the particles, do it. Run to the bathroom and use cold water and detergent if you can—hand soap or body wash will work, too, in a pinch. The longer it sits, the more it penetrates the fibers in the textile and the less likely you can get rid of it later. You may not want a big water spot on your clothes, but ultimately if you care about the longevity of the piece, it's an easy sacrifice. That's something my mom taught me from a young age."

Selamat_PagiBali Urap from Selamat Pagi (delicious but dangerous when it comes to your clothes!)

"There's this amazing restaurant (one of my favorites) in my neighborhood called Selamat Pagi—they have Balinese-inspired cuisine. They use incredible ingredients and spices and everything is really fresh. I was there recently. I had left my keys in my jacket, and had left my jacket at airport security, so I was waiting for my neighbor to get home because he had my spare key. I was chatting with the bartender and the owner, so I was there for quite some time. When I got home, I realized I had spilled some of the sauce from my papaya salad on my top—I hadn't noticed because of the ambiance and lighting. I did treat it as soon as I could and it was just not coming out. It was a neon yellow color on my ivory sleeve!

I sent an email to the main contact for the website for advice, and the general manager emailed me back straight away. I was guessing it was turmeric, but I wasn't sure. She said, 'As the chief turmeric juicer for the restaurant, I feel your struggle...basically the only thing I have found to get it out is Oxy Clean.' Conveniently, my mom had packed me a zip-locked bag full of the stuff the last time I was home to bring back with me. I just happened to have it right under my sink and I had never even known its amazing powers previously. Lo and behold, I soaked it in that—probably for eight hours, or overnight—and it came out. It was amazing."

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