November 12, 2014 - Comments Off on Round-Up: Five Must-Have Scarves for Fall (and Winter)

Round-Up: Five Must-Have Scarves for Fall (and Winter)

Photo cred: Francisco Osorio / Creative Commons

Photo cred: Francisco Osorio / Creative Commons

Fall is an exciting time for fashion, and we don't just mean those of us looking to discover forgotten favorites at the back of our closets. With the cooler temperatures comes an opportunity to layer on more complicated combinations of style—some for the sole purpose of keeping us warm, and others, well, just because. If there's one accessory that falls right smack dab in the middle of those wardrobe agendas, it's the scarf. From infinity scarves to delicate silk handkerchief throwbacks, there are all kinds of styles for any situation you can think of.

We corralled some of our favorites below, but (as always) we'd love to hear from you. Make sure to share any standout scarves. We're even interested in those, um, more out-there suggestions—like this. You know what they say about form following function.

Calling All Commuters: Sash-ay Scarf, Vespertine NYC


There's no such thing as being too visible when it comes to biking—day or night. This scarf from Vespertine NYC is a way you can add a little safety flash that won't pull away from your outfit when your bike is locked away waiting to be ridden home. The design features a woven 3M threading that illuminates when in direct light, meaning you stay highly visible without committing to any unsightly neon colors. Coming in at $92, you're jumping in on the 3M trend—and keeping yourself intact—for a steal.

For Versatility's Sake: Crinkle Scarf, Nicole Lenzen


We couldn't put a list of the best scarves around without introducing you to our newest addition to the Nicole Lenzen family! The brand-new Crinkle Scarf is about as versatile as it gets when it comes to what you wear around your neck. A simple taupe stripe stands out against its black background, but works with any outfit you choose to pair it with. The best part: It's tousled by design, so you can toss this in the machine to wash and not worry about losing any shape or texture. Oh, and did we mention it's warm? Get it here for $95.

For the Office: Salvador Dali Silk Scarf, Etsy


Pulling off a scarf in the office can be tough. You don't want anything too heavy, or before you know it, you'll be the one stowing an afghan in your file cabinet for those days you forget your chunky accessory. Sport a scarf that's too small, and you'll more resemble a member of a uniformed flight crew. We think this Salvador Dali silk scarf from BCNdeco on Etsy hits a sweet spot. Lay it flat and you've got a print of Dali's "Cerbero. El Can del Infierno." Put it on, and you've got a feminine—yet still intriguingly abstract—fashion statement. Buy it here for $75.

Fight the Winter Weather: Meda Black Scarf, Zady


You can't even look at this beauty without breaking out in a little bit of a sweat. If you're looking to keep warm this fall, your search ends here. At $358, it's a splurge—but it'll last a lifetime without going out of style. Made of alpaca yarn, this scarf was handmade by indigenous Quechua and Aymara artisans of the Andes Mountains in Peru. Check it out on Zady.

In-Between Seasons: Infinity Fox Scarf, Etsy

il_570xN.589308410_q2ylSometimes it's ok to be that person toting around some standout pattern featuring your favorite furry friend. In our case, it's always going to be a fox. This handmade infinity scarf from the chicdays shop on Etsy is uber affordable ($14.99, seriously!) and a good balance between quirky and fashion forward. While it might not be fit for taking on the high winds of winter, this is a great transition season scarf—you know, for those days when you want to keep your collar cozy and look good doing it.

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