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Round-Up: Carry-On Luggage You’d Be Proud to Tote


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Considering the (sometimes obnoxious) size of carry-on luggage, it can be tough to find one that totes any bit of style. Sure, you can fall to the whims of the smallest of your color-coordinated luggage set—or you could find a beautiful piece that adds a silver lining to the stressful experience that is traveling. The holidays are coming up, and vacations home—or maybe someone more exotic—are filling your work break daydreams. And even if you aren't going anywhere anytime soon, these bags will fit right into your daily commute to the office—you know, when you've got more than a few files to tote back and forth, along with your gym essentials.

So before you start blowing your cash on Christmas presents, treat yourself to some holiday travel style. We've got seven of the most stylish carry-on pieces we could find, for all budgets. Read on and window shop:


Weekender Bag in Printed Deer Dot, Kate Spade Saturday, $180

Sturdy and well-shaped, this bag from Kate Spade Saturday is small enough to fit into those cramped overhead bins without the threat of losing its form. The polka-dotted pattern is just flashy enough to notice on a luggage conveyor if you decide to check it in.

Ted Baker Sugar Sweet 4-Wheel, John Lewis, approximately $378

Ted Baker Sugar Sweet 4-Wheel, John Lewis, approximately $378

This Ted Baker beauty is on the larger side of things, but it's too pretty not to include. This may be one of those instances where you'll sacrifice a few minutes to gate check your bag. If you're looking for a hard-shell carry-on to protect your most fragile of souvenirs, this is it.

This is where that day-to-day commute comes into play. This eye-catcher from Tumi is the perfect size for getting through a work day of take-home files and doing a quick outfit change for a post-work date—or some time at the gym. Even better: It fits seamlessly over the handle of your rolling luggage if you do choose to take it on the road (or in the air) with you.

This handmade beauty was created on a large floor loom—something you don't come across too often anymore. The bags are woven using a traditional Zapotec technique, resulting in a vibrant weekender for any kind of trip you're taking on. Big plus: It comes with a strap, making it easier to carry heavy loads through busy terminals and keep tabs on your essentials in crowded areas.


The Twill Weekender, Everlane, $95

Weekender bags are the most versatile of luggage—and this version from Everlane is timeless. It carries the perfect amount of unisex charm without turning away envious glances.

Finally, something to class-up your basic—but stylish—traveling outfit, without going "overboard," of course.

If all else fails and you just can't decide on the carry-on look you're going for, shoot for florals. There's nothing like a good throwback print that pulls in a few double-takes on the way to your gate.

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