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Round-Up: 7 Umbrella Designs That Will Get You Excited About Rainy Days

You're hearing it everywhere: "Spring has sprung!" And it's true, but in its first glorifying days, we all seem to forget that although winter's snow is on its way out (fingers crossed), there's another bit of weather we have to prepare for: Spring Showers. Reward yourself for all of that spring cleaning with another seasonal essential: an umbrella.

Not-so-fun fact: If you took all of the improperly discarded umbrellas accumulated around the world over one year, we'd have 25 Eiffel Towers on our hands. So maybe it's time to invest in an umbrella you won't mind looking at for the next 10 rainy seasons. Need somewhere to start? Read on and check out our top seven picks.

For the Art Lover: Frank Lloyd Wright's "Waterlilies" / MoMA
Photo cred: MoMA Store

Photo cred: MoMA Store

If you're looking to nestle yourself underneath a work of art, this umbrella from the MoMA collection is just for you. Just think of how nice this would look from underneath just as the sun starts to poke back out from the clouds.

Feminine Flair: Pagoda / Bella Umbrella
Photo cred: Bella Umbrella

Photo cred: Bella Umbrella

Sometimes an eye-catching shape can say a lot more than color or pattern. The Pagoda Umbrella from Bella Umbrella has an unusual bell silhouette that will make you feel footloose and fancy free even on the most dreary of days. Seriously—this one is channeling some vintage Mary Poppins.

Best Compact: Yoyo / Gina and May
Photo cred: Gina and May

Photo cred: Gina and May

Gina and May stick to the same pop-arty style for all of their collections, but we really love the look of this striped compact parasol. This compact umbrella is perfect for people who like to have a defense against impromptu rain on-hand at all times. You won't even notice the space it takes up in your bag.

Vintage: Lanvin / Etsy
Photo cred: 10060Sage / Etsy

Photo cred: 10060Sage / Etsy

Some of the best umbrellas have withstood the test of time—like this Parisian beauty. If you're the type to find yourself shopping in vintage consignment shops or picking out earrings from your grandmother's jewelry box, this is the umbrella for you.

Best Commuter: Pirput Parput Mini / Marimekko

Photo cred: Marimekko

Sometimes that slight shower turns into a complete downpour before you can even turn the corner to find solace under some forgiving scaffolding. This is where this cute compact umbrella from Marimekko comes into play. The black-and-white dotted design adds a pop of pattern to your outfit while staying within a neutral color palette.

GPS-Enabled: Classic + TILE / Blunt
Photo cred: Blunt Umbrellas

Photo cred: Blunt Umbrellas

Not only has this umbrella been named the most aerodynamic design on the market by a number of names that probably know their stuff when it comes to product design (Wired, Gizmodo, Wall Street Journal), you'll never have to worry about losing it, thanks to the GPS chip living within its lining. Classic + TILE is the ultimate umbrella, and it comes in less expensive than you'd think: $99.

UX Designer's Dream: Polite Umbrella / Joo Youn Paek
Photo cred: Design You Trust and TKTK

Photo cred: Design You Trust and Joo Youn Paek

Now, this one may still be a figment of unmanufactured design, but it's more than worthy of a mention. In a world where dodging pointed prongs on crowded sidewalks on a rainy day is just as important as monitoring mysterious looking puddles, the word "polite" is intriguing in itself. The Polite Umbrella is just that—a design that physically makes itself smaller when navigating through a crowd. Using it is simple, thanks to the pull-string in the umbrella's handle. Seeing the faces of the people around you would make using this instantly worth it.

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