December 3, 2014 - Comments Off on Press: Style A-Z with The Style Line

Press: Style A-Z with The Style Line


From the beginning, the Young & Able mission has been to bring up-and-coming designers of all persuasions—jewelry, clothing, home accessories—together in one space. From their debut Kickstarter campaign to their most recent month-long pop-up shop in Lower Manhattan (check it out before December 21st!), the Young & Able initiative is going strong, and the designers behind the name are all creating beautiful work.

The Style Line—a tumblr-turned-blog started back in 2011 by Rachel Schwartzmann aimed at "Bringing Storytelling with style back to the web"—shared the stories behind beautiful work shown on and at Young & Able. Rachel spent some time with the designers and chatted with Nicole on our movement-friendly clothing, what being young and able means to Nicole, and more. Click through to read our spotlight, along with a look into the other 25 Young & Able designers.

Published by: Nicole Lenzen in Press