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Marcia – Natural and Playful Wedding Gown

When Marcia first contacted me over email about having her custom wedding dress made, she provided many descriptors as to how she wanted to feel in her gown. To name a few: graceful, fun, elegant, sexy, playful, feminine, unique, and goddess-like. She was a slightly older bride who, while wanting to dress age-appropriately, was not afraid to have a gown that exuded youthfulness, and even fantasy. When I met Marcia and her then-fiance, Andy in person, it was immediately apparent how much life radiated from within each of them, and how completely in love they were with one another. Andy attended every fitting with enthusiasm and engagement, supporting any decision Marcia and I made during the process.

Having previously tried on some gowns at wedding salons, Marcia was appalled at how many "high-end" dresses were lined in nasty synthetic fabrics. She was very adamant about using only natural fibres in her dress, which is standard for me anyway. To achieve a soft and flowing silhouette, we selected a light-weight silk tissue chiffon for the draped and gathered overlay, and a supple silk double-sided satin for the underlayer. The neckline I designed was a wide-v in the front and low in the back, with off-the shoulder straps, to provide a sexy, yet comfortable, look. We highlighted Marcia's tiny waist with a fitted bodice, releasing the pleats at the hips for more ease and comfort through the skirt.

To add colour to the ensemble, we stitched hand-made multi-colored fabric flowers along the back of the gown's multi-tiered skirt. The groom also received one of the fabric flowers to wear on his suit jacket, along with a custom tie in a complementary colour. We also made the bride a scarf in iridescent silk chiffon.

The wedding was held at a luscious natural habitat in Florida, close to where the bride's mother lived, to ensure that she would be able to attend.

Marcia, an accomplished flute player, has had the opportunity to re-wear her wedding dress during performances, to continue breathing life into the gown. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything less from such a radiant person.

Photography: Dasja Dolan

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