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Stories & Style: Get to Know Author/Comedian Elna Baker


If you haven’t already heard, we’re hosting an exclusive event at Bene Rialto in Manhattan on Thursday, January 29th from 6:30pm-9pm. Aside from meeting Nicole and having the chance to try on pieces from the Eva and Candy Collections, we’ll have delicious hors d’oeuvres and wine for you to enjoy while taking in  fashion-focused, personal, storytelling performances from three amazing women—NPR’s Ophira Eisenberg, Writer/Comedian Elna Baker, and Author/Comedian Sara BenincasaWe’re going to be sharing a little background on each of our guests over the next couple of days.

Meet Elna Baker. She's a published author, comedian, and "This American Life" storyteller. That tells you something, but the fact that a headline describing Elna reading "Imagine Carrie Bradshaw as a Mormon" pops up on the first page of her Google search results says a lot more. Her amazing book title alone—"The New York Regional Mormon Singles Halloween Dance"—is a great indication at what you're treating yourself to with Elna. Here are a few words from others that dig a little deeper:

Elna Baker’s memoirs of Mormon chastity and self-denial are presented with such passion and wit and unbridled effervescence that somehow her life comes out as pure erotic adventure, a romance of wild sunshine hedonism. - George Dawes Green

After watching her perform, I couldn’t get her out of my mind. - Liz Tuccillo

If she can give the co-author of He's Just Not Into You (one of the best lady-reads-turned-chick-flick of all time) something to dwell on, than that's saying something. There's a lot of fantastic content take in when it comes to Elna's storytelling—Q&As, audio stories, stand-up clips. Recently, she shared a fantastic childhood recollection on "This American Life"—complete with ingenious parent tricks, mystery, and deceit. (Cue ominous music...) Start with this for a taste of her storytelling style:

The Tacoma, Washington native spent most of her early years living abroad in London and Spain and eventually made her way to New York City, where she lives today. She performs stand-up around the city (Upright Citizens Brigade, The Magnet, The PIT, etc.), and you can find an archive of her "This American Life" stories online for some immediate comic relief. When it comes to her printed comedy, she doesn't stop after the last page of her book. Elna's has penned for a number of well-loved titles, from The Onion to ELLE. With a range like that, it's safe to say you can expect a whole lot of awesome from Elna at Stories & Style.

Don’t miss this chance to see Elna’s storytelling live on January 29th—RSVP to “Stories & Style” now.

You can read more about the event here.

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