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August 9, 2015 - Comments Off on The Path’s Dina Kaplan on How a Two-and-a-Half Year Trip Around the World Changed Her Life

The Path’s Dina Kaplan on How a Two-and-a-Half Year Trip Around the World Changed Her Life

Dina Kaplan was the co-founder of multiple companies when she realized it was time for a change. Specifically, it took breaking down across the street from her office for her to realize that something wasn't quite right. Up until that point, she had been very successfully running, the New York City-based Founders Club (which is exactly what it sounds like), and Calliope Group—an organization of women founders looking to connect with one another. All of these organizations were healthily adding to her growing network and resume, but also slowly taking over every minute of her life. Her answer: a two-and-a-half-year trip around the world to fight a few fears and make some friends along the way.

While we're going to dig into her story in a minute, it's important to recognize the outcome: The Path—a new business that integrates some of Dina's newfound practices (mainly meditation) into daily life. With a newly opened location for The Path, we took a few minutes to chat with Dina about her story and how she got to where she is today. Take it in:

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November 25, 2014 - Comments Off on Thanksgiving Playlist: 12 Songs to Digest To

Thanksgiving Playlist: 12 Songs to Digest To

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 11

Photo by Glen Jackson Taylor

The best part of Thanksgiving is getting together with friends from near and far and completely indulging in a delicious meal. The over-eating is always a good choice (just this once), until the food coma starts to sink in and the only place you want to be is back home in a pair of pants with an elastic waistband falling asleep to reruns of The Twilight Zone. Don't be that person this year, not when there are stories to be shared and lives to be caught up on.

We want to wish all of you the happiest of Thanksgivings, filled with friends, family, good food, and—of course—even better music. So we put together a little playlist for you to digest to. You can expect some of the classics—Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald—with a few modern twists thrown in (we're talking the best of Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes). Stick around past the feast, press play and let the conversation flow. There's no lulling to sleep with this Thanksgiving playlist.

October 23, 2014 - Comments Off on Round-Up: Carry-On Luggage You’d Be Proud to Tote

Round-Up: Carry-On Luggage You’d Be Proud to Tote


Photo cred: Creative Commons

Considering the (sometimes obnoxious) size of carry-on luggage, it can be tough to find one that totes any bit of style. Sure, you can fall to the whims of the smallest of your color-coordinated luggage set—or you could find a beautiful piece that adds a silver lining to the stressful experience that is traveling. The holidays are coming up, and vacations home—or maybe someone more exotic—are filling your work break daydreams. And even if you aren't going anywhere anytime soon, these bags will fit right into your daily commute to the office—you know, when you've got more than a few files to tote back and forth, along with your gym essentials.

So before you start blowing your cash on Christmas presents, treat yourself to some holiday travel style. We've got seven of the most stylish carry-on pieces we could find, for all budgets. Read on and window shop:


Weekender Bag in Printed Deer Dot, Kate Spade Saturday, $180

Sturdy and well-shaped, this bag from Kate Spade Saturday is small enough to fit into those cramped overhead bins without the threat of losing its form. The polka-dotted pattern is just flashy enough to notice on a luggage conveyor if you decide to check it in.

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August 27, 2014 - Comments Off on The Perfect Playlist for Your Labor Day Weekend Festivities

The Perfect Playlist for Your Labor Day Weekend Festivities


Photo by Simon/Flickr

With Labor Day on the horizon, we can only hope that you have something fantastic planned. Summer is waning, the weather is that perfect temperature between a little hot and breezy, and there are only a few weeks left to get that road trip in that you've been talking about all season long. No matter how far you're going this week—a couple of stops on the subway or hours for a mini getaway—you've got to start the turn of the seasons off right with a killer playlist. So let us worry about that, and you can get back to your pre-road trip daydreaming. We've got trip tunes from Wild Nothing, Blonde Redhead, Pokey LaFarge, and more that'll have you thinking vacation thoughts whenever you decide to give it a listen. Enjoy your long weekend!

May 2, 2014 - Comments Off on Travel: Hong Kong Favorites

Travel: Hong Kong Favorites

HK_2014_7Central, Hong Kong Island

I recently returned from a trip to Hong Kong, where I was able to combine some fun urban exploring with consulting work. After a brutal New York winter (which never seems to end!), the balmy spring weather in Hong Kong was incredibly welcomed.

I prefer traveling light even if it means doing laundry, so opted not to check any luggage. I also wanted to put my collection to the travel test, and was pleased (but not surprised) upon unpacking that nothing required ironing even after 24 hours or so of travel time crammed inside a carry-on bag! The styles comfortably transitioned from work meetings to evening dinner or swing dancing. (Yep, I was able to go out dancing one night, thanks to the incredibly networked global lindy hop community!)

HK_2014Styles from the Nicole Lenzen Collection packed and ready to go

The consulting work I did this trip entailed training vendors for one of my apparel clients on a new product development software. They all came into Hong Kong for the meetings, and the office staff who hosted graciously took me out to amazing lunches every day. As a pescetarian I skipped out on the meat dishes but had so many other options I still managed to overeat at every meal! In my experiences, Hong Kong natives really know how to take care of their guests. They always serve you first, literally spooning dishes onto your plate like Mom would do!

We had everything from Cantonese dim sum to Shanghai-style noodles to deliciously fresh Thai food. Of course I couldn't read a thing on any of the menus but at dessert time when I saw this tiny picture of a bee and jokingly suggested we order one, we were all pleasantly surprised by the adorable fried custard goodness that came out! 

One thing that I always find remarkable in Hong Kong is that so many of the restaurants are located in shopping malls, I guess because of the way real estate is developed in such a compact and dense area. It's funny how as they are disappearing in the US, they almost seem to be increasing as centers of activity for all ages there.

My all-time favorite eating experience in Hong Kong is at "Seafood Street" in Sai Kung, a fishing village on the water that's a short trip out of the city and a lovely escape from the high rises. They have huge aquariums of all types of sea critters from razor clams to green lobsters, served up family style al fresca with large bottles of Tsingtao, and finished off with a hilarious, but requisite mango/coconut fish perfectly formed in a dessert mold!

HK_2014_2 Lunchtime shared plates

HK_2014_3 Kiwi smoothie with a city view (albeit from a shopping mall!)

HK_2014_4 Delicious fried custard bumble bee dessert

mango_fishRequisite mango/coconut dessert "fish" after decadent seafood at Tung Kee in Kai Sung

Hong Kong is a shopping destination for visitors of all nations, particularly the mainland Chinese. For the little bit of free time I had this trip, I wanted to escape the areas saturated with global fast-fashion and luxury brands and discover neighborhoods with independent boutiques.

I headed first to Soho, where the steepness of the streets reminded me with fondness of my days of living in San Francisco. I always find cities constructed on hillsides, and their associated alleyways and surprise viewpoints, to be much more fascinating than flat grids (sorry, NY!). Of course that means occasionally getting lost when your smartphone battery dies, or running up against geographically imposed dead-ends.

I had a lovely lunch with a friend from NY who had just moved back to HK, after which she brought me to her friend’s adorable gift shop Visionaire. I continued wandering the adjacent neighborhoods following inspiration, and probably spent an hour inside Mr. Blacksmith combing through their wide assortment of design wares. Not to mention that they have one of the coolest business cards I’ve ever seen, with a sandpaper backing! I found the Sun Street area of Wan Chai absolutely charming, with exceptionally curated shops like Kapok, and others carrying minimal but edgy Japanese menswear labels.

HK_2014_5Geographically imposed dead-ends!

HK_2014_6  Street art in Sheung Wan

kapok_sun_streetKapok on Sun Street in Wan Chaimr.blacksmithKiller sandpaper business cards at Mr. Blacksmith

HK_2014_17Little indulgences: Chase and Wonder bag and rings from Konzepp and Mr. Blacksmith (despite asking, the salespeople didn't seem to know the jewelry designers' names) Read more