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The Custom Process

Our hand-made couture gowns are luxuriously crafted from the finest silks, laces, vintage materials, and select sustainable/fair trade fabrics. We also offer the unique process of reclaiming a bride's mother's or grandmother's wedding dress by carefully deconstructing the original garment and restoring usable fabric in order to create a fresh silhouette and style that is tailored to the new bride. Our one-of-a-kind pieces are custom-fit to the client’s measurements, complementing her individual figure and highlighting her most striking features.

Step 1 - Consultation

The initial consultation is a means of getting to know the client and her vision for the wedding or event. It is an open discussion of ideas and inspirations for the dress including preliminary design, colour, and fabric options, while carefully considering the client’s personal style and body type. If the client would like to rework a vintage piece into a contemporary custom dress, we will inspect the original garment and provide suggestions on how to incorporate the materials.

Step 2 - Design & Material Selection

Based on the initial discussion, we present the client with a variety of sketches showing different design, styling, and silhouette options. In conjunction, we revisit materials from our library of silks, laces, sustainable and fair trade fabrics, and vintage fabrics & trims. Together we determine the direction of the gown, and refine as necessary.

Step 3 - Custom Pattern

Once we have decided on the design, we take comprehensive body measurements of the client. We combine draping and flat-pattern techniques to create a unique client pattern.

Step 4 - Muslin Fittings

From the pattern, we cut and sew a muslin cotton prototype of the gown, effectively transforming the sketch into an actual sample. We perform 2-4 muslin fittings with the client to ensure that the gown is tailored perfectly to her body, and that the desired design and styling are achieved.

Step 5 - Construction

When we are satisfied with our adjustments, the gown is cut and sewn in the actual fabric. We utilize haute couture construction methods and hand-sewing techniques, with the highest attention to detail to ensure the gown is well-structured, comfortable for the wearer, and of course beautiful outside and in. All garments are made in NY in our Brooklyn-based studio.

Step 6 - Final Fitting

This last fitting is the most emotionally satisfying for the bride, as the gown is almost as it will appear on her wedding day. We finalize fit, length, and embellishment placement. We then complete the finishing touches to prepare the gown for pickup from the client.