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7 Rad (Mostly) Women’s Organizations You’ve Got to Know About


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With the long Labor Day weekend behind us, it's time to buckle down for a while before we get another holiday to celebrate. (But that doesn't mean you can't still give our Labor Day weekend playlist a listen every once in a while.) A quick getaway might have left you feeling refreshed and ready to take on any task that may come your way, but it's only a matter of time before something tries to bring you down. Do yourself a favor and plan something special just for yourself—you know, "you" time can be just as effective as fleeing the city if you do it the right way. And what better way to do that than with a group of women looking for the same thing? The number of possible activities in New York City can be overwhelming, but here are seven (mostly) women's organizations we can't wait to check out:

Techfest Club

This group revolves around their monthly breakfast meet-ups, with a few panel discussions and networking events thrown in between. Created by women in tech for ladies in the industry, these morning chats are focused on delivering a daily dose of inspiration before taking off to work while the evening get-togethers are reserved for getting to know women of similar interests and letting loose with a drink or two. Luckily for interested women outside of the NYC area, you can catch keynote addresses online after the event.

NYC Cyclettes: Babes Who Bike

If you're looking for a group to ride with (at a moderate pace—16-18 mph, the group description states), this is for you. The group rides through some of the city's most scenic spots: Central Park, Prospect Park, and up 9W. Aside from group rides, the organization also hosts classes at local bicycle shops, covering topics like fixing a flat and how to fit yourself for a bike. Check out their upcoming events here.


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Women Who Whiskey

It's just what it sounds like: a wonderful group of women getting together to indulge in the greatest of liquors. And it's not just NYC women—they recently opened a chapter in Nairobi, creating a kind of grown-up global sisterhood that's much better than any sorority. Bonus tip: Make sure to follow the group on Facebook. They're always posting events, and delicious recipes to try. Newbies and seasoned drinkers are welcomed.

She Dares

Adventure is a strong word, but that's what this group is all about. She Dares hosts events that range from restaurant outings to weekend getaways, making this the perfect group to join if you like a little bit of everything.

Decoded Fashion

Calling all of you fashionistas! Whether you work in the fashion or retail industries or you just love yourself a good silhouette, Decoded Fashion is a group you'll enjoy. Members can partake in monthly discussions and networking events with industry influencers. Their most recent meetup took place on Google's NYC campus and featured a fashion tech panel.

Photo: Jack Zalium/Flickr

Photo: Jack Zalium/Flickr

Adventures for Women

If you're looking to break past the busy city's boundaries and take in some natural scenery, this is the group of ladies to join up with. Adventures for Women hosts various activities for you outdoorsy types, ranging from city and nature hikes and kayaking to weekend trips and bike rides. Their activity calendar breaks down the different levels of activity, making it easy for hikers of all ages and skills to get involved.

New York Latin Swing Dance Meetup

Ok, you're likely to find some dudes at this meetup. But this isn't just any swing group—it's a Latin swing group. NYC band Fleur Seule! leads the group in a dance style that they describe as "Think West Side Story—Mambo, Cha Cha, Swing, Lindy, Rumba, Tango." The dancing happens every week, and starts with a beginner lesson. Check out the schedule here.

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