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March 30, 2015 - Comments Off on Q&A: The Art of Tailoring, Passion, & The Importance of Quality with Joseph Genuardi

Q&A: The Art of Tailoring, Passion, & The Importance of Quality with Joseph Genuardi

Looking at Joseph Genuardi, you’d never expect the old soul that lurks within. He’s well-dressed with slicked-back hair, polite, and soft-spoken. What you won’t get at first glance is that he’s a trained master tailor with educators who had more than 75 years of experience, a five-month-old son who is well on his way to becoming a tailor himself, and the ability to make a mean suit. Joe is currently Head Tailor at Martin Greenfield Clothiers—a name well-known for hand-tailored mens clothing—amongst the best of the dressed.

Custom tailoring has quite the history, as do the most accomplished of tailors. But those accomplishments are more readily measured by the smiles of those fitted in a brand new custom suit than public recognition—and because of that, it may seem like the title of Master Tailor is slowly meeting its end. Joseph is living proof that the craft is alive and strong—and that everyone should get to know their local tailor (not only for their craft, but also the great stories they’re bound to have). We were first turned on to Joseph and his story at a viewing of “Men of the Cloth,” a documentary following a number of master tailors and their stories—Joseph’s weaving its way in, as well.

Nicole spent some time getting to know Joseph and the art of becoming a tailor. Get ready to be inspired!

Making a Career Change

Basting, one of the many stages in constructing a tailored suit

Joseph Genuardi: My undergraduate was in industrial design at Carnegie Mellon. I loved it, but late into my college term and early into my working career this idea popped into my head that it would be awesome to make suits.  I started doing some art direction—product design and graphic design—and I saw myself move toward clothing. I launched a graphic T-shirt line where I was designing the shirts and having them printed in Philly by a local silk screener. I would sell them in boutiques in the area and at art fairs. The tailoring idea came back to me, but much stronger than the first time around.

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March 26, 2015 - Comments Off on Press: Nicole Lenzen in WWD

Press: Nicole Lenzen in WWD

We woke up to a wonderful surprise the other day—a fantastic write-up in Women's Wear Daily on Bene Rialto including a shot of our Bubble Dress. If you haven't heard, Bene Rialto is a multi-level marketplace changing the way we physically shop by blending a "retail experience with a showroom format," to borrow a few words from David Moin's WWD write-up. And not only can you shop, there are also special events held amid the floors of designers goods and on the top floor, which was designed to be a meeting place of sorts complete with artwork and ambiance.

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March 24, 2015 - Comments Off on First Impressions: What to Wear to an Interview

First Impressions: What to Wear to an Interview

If there's one thing you want to last forever, it's a good first impression. Even more so now than ever, that first impression might happen far before that welcome handshake. With social media and Google searches leading people right into your digital world, it's important to put your best foot forward all of the time—and make sure to reiterate those positive vibes at the first meeting. Research has shown that you've got somewhere between 30 seconds and two minutes to make an in-person impression on someone. So what can you possibly wear to show off your best of the best in an interview where two minutes could very well make or break you? Simple—don't think about it too hard.

There are the obvious no-nos (a considerable décolletage, visible panty lines), but there are a few simple rules to live by when it comes to meeting a potential future employer while still staying true to your style. Read on for Nicole Lenzen's tips, and go take control of that interview:

Kindness Looks Good on Everyone

"I saw something on Twitter recently... there was a subway confrontation where someone was blocking someone else from getting in the car. One of them ended up using some strong words against the other. They ended up at the same office space, one to interview the other. There was this whole thread of people sharing similar 'road rage' experiences. It's total karma. Leave yourself enough time to get there without worrying about angsty commutes. Be nice to everyone on your way—the person in the coffee shop, on the subway platform, in the car next to yours—because you never know."

Be Comfortable

"I think where a lot of people go wrong is that they trying to impress or make a statement. What you really want is for your clothes to be more neutral—you want to be the focus in an interview, not your outfit. Style level obviously depends on the nature of your interview. If you're not meeting with someone like Anna Wintour, you don't have to wear the latest Prada piece. (We've all seen the movie.) If you're not trying to interview for a specific fashion, editorial, or creative director position, the most important thing is being comfortable. What that really means is wearing something that's the perfect balance of 'conceal and reveal.' It's something you don't have to adjust or think twice about, something you feel your best in."

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March 11, 2015 - Comments Off on Round-Up: 7 Umbrella Designs That Will Get You Excited About Rainy Days

Round-Up: 7 Umbrella Designs That Will Get You Excited About Rainy Days

You're hearing it everywhere: "Spring has sprung!" And it's true, but in its first glorifying days, we all seem to forget that although winter's snow is on its way out (fingers crossed), there's another bit of weather we have to prepare for: Spring Showers. Reward yourself for all of that spring cleaning with another seasonal essential: an umbrella.

Not-so-fun fact: If you took all of the improperly discarded umbrellas accumulated around the world over one year, we'd have 25 Eiffel Towers on our hands. So maybe it's time to invest in an umbrella you won't mind looking at for the next 10 rainy seasons. Need somewhere to start? Read on and check out our top seven picks.

For the Art Lover: Frank Lloyd Wright's "Waterlilies" / MoMA
Photo cred: MoMA Store

Photo cred: MoMA Store

If you're looking to nestle yourself underneath a work of art, this umbrella from the MoMA collection is just for you. Just think of how nice this would look from underneath just as the sun starts to poke back out from the clouds.

Feminine Flair: Pagoda / Bella Umbrella
Photo cred: Bella Umbrella

Photo cred: Bella Umbrella

Sometimes an eye-catching shape can say a lot more than color or pattern. The Pagoda Umbrella from Bella Umbrella has an unusual bell silhouette that will make you feel footloose and fancy free even on the most dreary of days. Seriously—this one is channeling some vintage Mary Poppins.

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